Heart Attack
Heart Attack
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Comeback story

Long time not blogging busy of school , PBS , homework and exam .

Now , school holidays is comeback . i'm comeback to . but i not really likes school holidays becouse i cannot my bf T.T . last day of school , he didn't comes to school . 

Act , i need to study even in school holiday . what i need to study ? its english languange , chinese languange and korean languange . Right now , i not really need to study the korean one , i need to study the english and chinese only >.< really need to study it becouse i cannot speak malay with my chinese friends --'

How my school ? haa its really good . my friends is gone [not die , but they go to another school] really miss them T.T the teachers there is reallyyyyy best . school always make me happy w/ my NEW friends .

Pupils there likes gaosai  [高赛] . Really hate that people --' they didnt know what is discipline --' 

Thats all :D bye ;)

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